Dear MUB,

I have been dating this guy for almost a year now and I recently found out that I am pregnant for him. I decided to call him and invite him to my place to share the good news. I cooked, he came over, he ate and I was ready to get down to business.

I left him in the living room watching TV and went to change. I came out in a sexy red and black lace lingerie and some heels, stood in front of him, leaned in, kissed him then asked if he was ready. He was confused trying to figure out  the occasion. I told him just relax and enjoy the ride.

We eventually went to bed and I told him we needed to talk. I showed him the ultrasound and told him that I was almost three months. I thought he would have been happy. Especially, knowing that he had no children and I know that he always wanted to have someday.

Awtfyt, the man looked at me and asked me what is he supposed to tell his wife now? MUB, when he said wife, my heart dropped. Look, I gave his ass one hard slap that I swear he got a free reconstruction done to his face. Talking about his wife! We got into a huge argument after.

Never once has he ever mentioned having a wife. I never would have thought that he was married because he was always at my place, always had time for me, and we went out to public events so yes, I was caught off guard. He told me I can’t keep the baby because his wife would be furious, then he said I can have the child and keep it on the down low then he changed his mouth again and said get rid of it and left.

The next day he came by to pick me up to take me to work like he usually do and I got in the car because he had called earlier saying that he wanted to talk. While on my way to work, once again he asked me if I am going to abort the baby and I told him NO. He pretended as though he didn’t understand English, gave me $1000 and told me to get rid of it. He said he doesn’t want any excuses because he’s sure that was more than enough money to get rid of the unborn child.

Call me stupid if you want but I took the money and didn’t do the abortion. Instead, I put it on my bank account so that I would have some money ready to buy things for the baby.  He came for me after work but I had already left with my friend. She took me home and three hours later, he showed up asking if I had the abortion. I said yes and told him that I needed to lay down. It was obvious that he was happy because his smile retuned.

While we were on my bed talking, I brought up his wife and he gave me the whole rundown. When he went to the bathroom and I took his phone and looked for her name and saved her number.

Later that night, I called his phone and told him I didn’t do the abortion and we are through. I also told him that he’s not welcomed back to my house or my job and if he comes by or call me again, I will tell his wife. He laughed thinking that I was joking. I immediately hanged up, called her phone, waited for her to answer then I said wrong number. Well, he definitely got the picture because  weeks now me nuh see or hear from he. My friend told me that I shouldn’t keep the baby from him and I should tell his wife.

Am I wrong for wanting to keep him from my child? Am I wrong for not wanting to tell his wife? I just don’t think it’s my place to say anything to her. He created this mess and he should be the one to tell her am I right or am I wrong ?