Ungrateful Back Stabber

MUB, Antigua is really not a real place!!! Kip from so-called frends.A friend of mine sugar daddy kicked her out, so I offered for her to stay by me for 3 weeks until she got things sorted.

CAN YOU BELIEVE the second night she was by me, this girl sneaked some guy into my house while I was dead asleep and had sex with him on my leather sofa!!! (I know this because she told me the next morning) THE DISRESPECT!!! All I could say was “wtf?”

Anyways, it was really bothering me so I ran it by 2 of our mutual friends to get a second opinion and they advised to discuss it with her, which I did and we had a mutual understanding…or so I thought.

MUB, about 2 days later, she called me upset about me mentioning it to the other girls and said she felt betrayed and went on to bash me. She then called one of the other girls and was saying she doesn’t need to stay at my place cause she ain’t “begging friend” etc.

Long story short, I told her to return my key and get her sh*t out of my place, which she did the following morning.

This girl then went to the police station and accused me of stealing her medication and money out of her purse which I knew nothing of. She blatantly lied to the officer about everything and even mentioned to them that I just got a new car so maybe I need extra cash to set it up (such a low blow), however; they told her that she was in the wrong and they can’t hold me responsible. She was so pissed about their response that she stormed out of the police station.

MUB, I’m advising aspiring persons to work in silence and kip to dem self, cause your best friend could be your worst enemy wishing for you to fail. TAKE MY FOOLISH ADVICE!!!