Unhappy Girlfriend


I have been dating this man for 4 and a half years. Everything was sweet in the beginning. All of a sudden I started seeing some changes, so I kept my cool and started observing his behavior.

Can you imagine being in a relationship, where you have you to beg to be loved and appreciated? Now, you find all the time in the world for other people but to make your woman happy, the person you claim to love is a problem. Why everything is friends?

I have devoted so much into this man and for this man to treat me like the scum under his feet is beneath me. Then all of a sudden you need time off because I start talking about how you treat me….like I’m not suppose to talk!!!

Unhappy girlfriend …….


Ladies, let me tell you all something. If a man doesn’t have time for you, find one that will. Sending quality time is not an option it’s a requirement. You shouldn’t have to be begging for any man’s attention. If he values you as much as he claims, he will make it his duty to spend time with you.

Fellas, spending quality time with your woman is important, and I’m not talking about being in her presence and on your phone, playing games or whatnot. I’m referring to giving her your undivided attention. Some of you need to understand that some women love simplicity. As simple as lying down beside her and doing absolutely nothing, playing with her hair, or just sucking her skin. lol

Just knowing that she has your undivided attention is enough for her to feel appreciated. If you don’t believe me, I want you to try this and keep it simple.

Take your woman somewhere quiet.

  • It could be in your room (clean with scented candles),
  • to the beach (find a spot that’s not crowded. Nighttime is not recommended),
  • to a restaurant (when it’s not busy, during the weekdays) or wherever you can get a somewhat semi-romantic scenery.

I want you to hold her hands (make sure you use lotion unless she’s the type of woman that likes rough hands) and look her deep in her eyes for a few minutes. Don’t say a word. Just look at her in a way that tells her that she’s precious to you. (Absolutely no licking of lips. Leave that for the professional movie actors)

Once you get it right she’s going to blush. Especially, if she’s not accustomed to you just steering at her for no reason. When you think she has enough, softly run your hands across her face and tell her you LOVE her.  Make sure those words come from that special place in your heart. Then spend some time telling her about the things you love most about her. Go all the way back to when you first laid eyes on her, the first time you kissed her, the first time you took off her clothes, etc. Please note that you will be saying all of this in a soft tone.

Hopefully, this is going to spark some hidden flames in both of you. However, please note that this is just a suggestion and will not work for all females. There some out there who will instantly kill the vibes. For example, in the first phase you will get;

“A wa you a steer pan me fa”

“You lost something pan me”

“oh so now you wa spend time with me”

“So MUB half tell you how fu appreciate your woman”