Unknown Event Episode 2: Young Lady Dragged Out Of A Honda Stepwagon by A Honda Man

Mr. MUB,

Me meet this young gyal dey one little party and we started talking. Before I bought her ticket to the event, ma mek sure ma ask if she has any baggage cause me know how them young gyal lub hab one ton a man. She told me that she’s single and I’m the only man that she’s talking to at the moment. I believed her so I bought the tickets and we went to the event. We drink, dance and enjoyed ourself.

After one fighting bruk out in front of us, she told me that she was ready to leave. When I was almost in front of her house, she said that she wasn’t ready to go home. MUB, we all know that once a gyal hab in alcohol and she say she na ready fu go she yard, ar bud she want! She lib out East and I live back town side and the closest dagger spot I know is Devil’s Bridge so I went up there.

MUB, ma na go lie, me dash up dey fast before the alcohol wears off and she changes her mind. Can you believe when mi park and ready for action, me look back and the gyal behind dey a sleep nf? Mi na come all the way out dey for nothing so me wake she rass up. MUB, the gyal get up, watch mi in ma face and rest she head right back down.

Next thing, this Honda car pull up next to ma van. Mi a say this person can’t be serious because out of all the space dey devils bridge, they decided to come right next to me! When I was about to jump back in front fu move to a next spot, one man knock pan ma glass. MUB, as soon as I put down the window to see what he wanted, the man pushed his hand inside ma vehicle, open ma door and drag the gyal out ma van. Look me min frighten nf. The man hab the gyal well collar up and just a tell she how she f#$king whore and how them done.

I realized that he was kinda drunk so I came out to try to make him let her go. MUB, me see two more man come out the Honda car so mi hop ma rass back in ma van because I was clearly outnumbered.

She jam one bite pan he and he let her go. MUB, Instead she run in the open space, the gyal run back inna my van and ar tell me fu go deal with the man. Mi muss go fight with man and he hab friends out dey! She haffu min crazy! MUB, me see the man tek up one big stone so mi rush he rass cause I wasn’t about to let him damage my vehicle.

One of his friend came and help me tek way the stone from him and was trying to explain to me that he’s drunk and the girl I’m with his one of his woman. The same time the friend mussa look in the van and see the gyal. Awtfyt, MUB the friend said, “yo boss ar the wrong gyal that.” MUB, ma na go lie ar we laugh nf.

This man mek he partner drive his car to follow me all the way from the event come all the way up Devil’s Bridge fu go rag up the wrong gyal. Dem Honda man wa help!