“What happened to the normal way of getting someone’s attention or sending a message?”  the man asked. After entering his car and starting the engine, he noticed a plastic item and a piece of paper lying on his windshield.

“I really don’t want to believe what I’m seeing,” he said before turning off the engine. The man got out of his car and went to investigate the item. At first, he thought it was “bird shit”. “I can’t believe my eyes!” he said. On his windshield was a used condom filled with Sperm and a note stapled to it.

Curious to find out what was written on the note, the man went inside of his house, got a pair of gloves, detached the condom and took up the note. The first words he saw on the note was PAYBACK IS A BITCH!. This was written in all bold letters.

Below those words was “27th July 2018 – Now we are even”

According to the man, he tried his best to remember everything he did on 27th July that would have caused someone to leave a used condom on his windshield. “For the love of God I could not remember anything,” he said.

When he was about to throw away note,  he realized that there was a faded message on the note. “it seems like while the person was writing the note they pen ran out of ink,” he said.  The message said, “Next time you think about messing around with my woman make sure you keep your woman on lockdown”.

The man reported that he disposed of the used condom and the note and went to work. He said that he got a migraine at work trying to remember everything he did on the 27th of July. 

On his way home from work, he passed his neighbours car on the road. “That is when everything became clear to me”. Apparently, his neighbor who lives a few houses away from him drives the same car.

 The man reported that his neigbour is famous for getting involved with people woman. “I had no doubt that the package was meant for him. According to the man, he went back into his rubbish bin, retrieved the item and delivered it to his neigbour. According to the man, after his neighbor read the note he laughed out and said he know who it came from.

MUB would like to inform the public that there are many sanitary methods that you can use to get someone’s attention or send a message. Also, if you’re going to deliver a package, make sure that you deliver it to the correct address.