Valentine’s Day : Episode 1

February 14th is a day that many individuals express love and affection to each other. However, in the little island of Antigua, it is also known as a day that brings with it pain, heartaches and for this particular young lady a shocking surprise she will never forget!

A young lady reported that for the past 2 years, her man has been powdering her with lots of gifts, however, she has been unable to do anything “nice” for him since she has been unemployed. “This year, I saved up some money that I got from doing some hair just so I could do something nice for him.”

“As usual, he brought me my gifts before he went to work. I got 3 charms for my Pandora Bracelet, a gift certificate for a massage package at Touch Therapies and an envelope with $600 with a note saying treat yourself.” The young lady said that she was happy that he didn’t plan to take her out for dinner because that was her idea. She also said that she wanted a “quickie” but her man told her that he didn’t want to be late for work.

“He usually gets home from work after 6:00 pm so around minutes to 6, I took my clothes and went over by him.” According to the young lady, when she went into his room, she was surprised to see that he had already taken out clothes to go out. “His clothes were neatly laid out on the bed. There was no way that he could have known that I was taking him out for dinner. So, I wanted to know where the hell he was going.”

She said that not long after, she received a message from him saying that he has a business meeting to attend with someone that came in from overseas so she won’t be seeing him later. The young lady said that the message confirmed her suspicion. She believed that he was planning to meet with another woman. “I’ve never had any reason to believe that he was messing around behind my back but after what I’ve been reading, I wasn’t about to take any chances.”

“I quickly rushed out of his apartment, went home for my brother’s car and came back to stalk his ass. He eventually came home, got dressed and I followed him to C&C wine bar. I waited in the car for a while and then I went and peep to see who he was meeting. I felt relieved when I saw him sitting at the table with a man because if it was a woman I swear I would have blown a fuse. It was obvious that he was telling the truth so she left and went back home.”

“I couldn’t sleep because I was horny like a cow, so I went back over by him and waited for him to come home. I wanted to surprise him so I parked my car in one of his neighbor’s yard. She wanted to charge me $50 but she was understanding enough to take $20.” (She must be a MUB follower) The young lady reported that she fell asleep until a little after 11:00 pm when she heard some rumbling in the living room.”It sounded as though he was out there with someone. So I sneaked my way into the living room to see who it was.”

The woman reported that she almost passed out when she saw her man on his knees giving the man that she saw him with head. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I swear all the blood in my body dried up. I froze there for a good minute just watching him suck off the man. When I catch myself, I rushed after him and fought him with all the energy in my body.

The young lady said that she eventually broke down into tears and asked him how long has this been going on. He confessed that he’s actually bisexual and claimed that he wanted to tell her long time but he didn’t know how to. He also begged her to forgive him and hopes that her new discovery will not affect their relationship.

“He told me that he really Loves me and if I stay with him, he promises that he will never see another man. I’ve been with this guy for 2 years and 4 months and never once have I ever seen any sign of him interested in the same sex. MUB, there is no way that I’m going to stay with a man that has been giving me ‘Shit bud’ all this time.”

“I am so disgusted by what I saw that there is no way I’ll be getting that image out of my head anytime soon. And the worst part about it is, I found out about his bullish lifestyle on Valentine’s day. MUB, he better pray that no one asked me why I broke up with him because I’m going to tell them straight up that I caught him sucking dick!”