Valentine’s Day: Episode 4

Valentine’s Gift Reveals Husband’s Dirty Secret

Hidden in the pasture of those who profess Christianity, are wolves walking around in sheep’s clothing. A Christian woman reported that it was nothing but the grace of God that allowed her to forget her purse home on Valentine’s day. When she came home to look for her purse, her husbands’ foolish mistake helped her to discover his dirty secret.

The 49-year-old woman made it clear that it was the first time in years that she had forgotten her purse home. “It was lunchtime and I was looking for my purse so I could buy something to eat but it was nowhere to be found.” The woman said that she went home to look for it and saw a huge basket filled with goodies on the table. “I knew it was my Valentine’s gift from my husband but I was a bit surprised because it’s been years since he has given me a gift. I wasn’t going to touch it until he gave it to me but I wanted to see what he had written on the card.”

The woman said that her mouth dropped when she saw that the card was not addressed to her. According to the woman, the card was addressed to a young lady that usually sits two benches in front of her at church. “Below the poem was a little note saying later will be greater. I am old enough to know what that meant. Immediately my heart felt heavy and tears came out of her eyes.”

She said that she was going to wake up her husband and confront him but she decided to put back the card, collect her purse and go back to work. “I couldn’t function at work. I just couldn’t get what I saw off my mind. I didn’t even realize that tears was running out of my eyes until one of my coworkers asked me why was I crying. MUB, I wanted to believe that nothing was up and I was just paranoid but my husband hasn’t touched me or attempted to have sex with me since the first week in January. I thought that he was busy with church business but it was obvious that someone else was satisfying him.”

“MUB, I’m not as good looking as I use to be. Age and the stress of raising two children have taken its toll on me so I can understand why he must have found an interest in a much younger woman. However, as a man who holds a position in church, I expected better.” She said that she wasn’t going to stand aside and let a “little nice body girl” destroy her marriage. “I called a few church members and was able to track down where she lived.”

“I circled the area until I found a spot that I could park so I could see when he was driving up to her house without him seeing my vehicle. I stayed there for about 3 hours and a few minutes before he drove past. I waited until I thought that he was inside her house and drove up to meet him.” The woman said that she knocked on the door and the young lady peeped out the side window. “I can tell by her expression that she was shocked to see me. I told her that I know my husband is in there so she better open the door before I break it down.”

“My husband came to the door and asked me what was I doing here. I let him know that I saw the card and I know that he is sleeping with her. He tried to deny it so I push past him and there was the basket of goodies on her table. I started to cry and he tried to comfort me saying that he was sorry. I felt like murdering both of them so I said what I had to say and left. I was going to call our children and tell them what happened but I decided not to because I wanted them to focus on their education.”

The woman said that her husband came and met her sitting in the chair. “I didn’t even give him a chance to speak, I told him that I didn’t waste 22 years of my life for him to throw me under a rug for some Bimbo. I told him to fix this shit or divorce me. I also let him know that when he signs the divorce papers, I will be taking more than half of everything he owns for being a devoted wife to him all these years.”

The bastard came home and begged her to forgive him. She told him that God is the one he should be asking forgiveness. “I let him know that if I ever suspect anything between he and the young lady, I’ll wait until he is preaching in church and embarrass both of them in front of everyone.

The woman said that her reason for sharing her story is so that both of them can know that she is dead serious. “I’ve invested too much in our marriage and I’m too old to start over so I’m not going to act like a fool and let some little Bimbo destroy my marriage.”