“I am sick and tired of that woman dipping her head in things that don’t concern her. Is like she looking for a promotion or something”.

We received word that two days ago, a worker decided to call in sick. Apparently, the previous day she found out that her “man” was having an affair with one of her close friends. After catching him red-handed, he came home, packed all his clothes and went to stay with the same friend.

As a means of getting over her depression, she decided to use her sick day to pamper herself. First, she stopped by the nails salon then by the hairdresser to get a new hairstyle. “I remember seeing my coworker peeping in the hair salon, but I didn’t take it as anything,” she said.

It all became clear when she received a message from her boss asking her if she was feeling better. “I found it strange. My boss only messages me when it’s something urgent”. According to the worker, she replied to her boss letting her know that she was recovering. A second after she replied, the boss sent her a few pictures of her getting a new hairstyle. “So, this is how you recover!” was the text that accompanied the pictures.

The worker said she had no doubt that it was the “snitch” that took the pictures while she was doing her hair and sent them to their boss who also asked her to report to her office first thing in the morning.

“What I chose to do on my sick day is my business”. Angry at what her coworker had done, she went into her gallery and thoroughly searched for the screenshot that the same co-worker had sent to her about a year ago with a conversation she had with the husband of their boss.

The conversation was about the boss’s husband offered to give the coworker a large sum of money to keep her mouth shut about the one night stand they had.

MUB found this situation to be intense. Our sympathy goes out to the worker. We urge readers to be careful when reporting sick. You never know who’s watching.

The final word we got on this matter is both workers are on suspension without pay. We are not sure if their Union will get involved in this matter.