Why Did I Get Engaged?

Dear MUB,

I am utterly confused as to why I got engaged. There is a guy that I have been friends with for about 15 years. We would usually hold great conversations (nothing sexual). If I was in a financial jam, he would always come to my aid. During our 8th year of friendship, he got married, but he always told me that he was unhappy because he’s not in love with his wife and he only married her because she got pregnant. About 5 years ago, he expressed his feelings toward me. He said that he has been in love with me from the first time we met at his friend’s party but he was afraid to tell me how he felt. I let him know that I used to feel the same way but after he got married I threw that feeling out the door.

As the months went by, the conversations started to get erotic. He would tell me that he wanted me to sit on his face until he gasps for breath. He wanted to skin me out on his car bonnet and eat me till I was too weak to stand. He wanted to f#@k me in his office while his workplace was full of people because he liked the thrill of thinking that we could get caught. The talks got so naughty that I decided to test him out even though I’ve been in a relationship for 12 years.

Our first sexual encounter was on his veranda. It was during the day when his wife and all the neighbors were at work. He bent me over the rails and had his way with me, I had an orgasm 3 times that day. MUB, the man can f#@k a rass. I wish I had told him how I felt a long time ago. After our first encounter, every opportunity we got to have sex we did. We even did it in his office. He told me not to come wearing underwear so I complied cause I was hooked on the “D”. When I got there his cock was already hard. He told me to sit in his chair with my legs wide open and he knelt down under his desk and had a field day eating my p#$$y. Then I leaned on the table and got it from the back.

The problem is, I’ve fallen deeply in love with him and he said it’s the same on his path but I know that I will never be in a relationship with him. My boyfriend proposed a few months ago and I accepted. But my “friend ” and I are still fucking the daylight out of each other. He even wants to have a baby with me. I don’t want to hurt my fiancee but I’m not in love with him.

Dear Madam,

Both you and your friend need to figure out what exactly you really want because the reality is, both of you are having the time of your life at the expense of your loves feelings. He’s married and you’re engaged so it’s a matter of time before you get caught.

You indicated that you’re not in love with your fiance so you should consider telling him how you feel. The same goes for your friend he needs to let his wife know how he truly feels about her and get a divorce if loves you as much as he claims. Both your fiance and his wife will be heart broken but time heals all wounds so it’s better to start the process early so that your fiance and his wife can be with someone who truly loves them.

One of the worst “relationship crime” is pretending to be in love and live a life with someone you have no feelings for. It is worse than cheating.