Why Do I Keep Getting Knuckled?

Dear MUB,

I have a story to share. I just wanted to share how genuine guys really feel about the stereotypes and labeling. I am not a man of many words, so I’ll cut right to the chase and get into my story.

In my relatively young life, I’ve experienced enough relationships. I’m gonna be sharing two of them today. The first initiated years ago, when I was still in high school and knew absolutely nothing about love. The girl I was dating at the time was just about my age, and our relationship went for a good 2 and a half years. For the most part, she was loyal, caring, and trustworthy. In fact, the problem with this relationship wasn’t her. It was the friends whom she had. The ladies in blue always had their cliques, and within their small circles, they’ll do the most of spreading hear say, and chat about you. Legit every week, my girl heard something about me from her so called friends, and started something. I guess because she thought that all man just lie for nothing; she never believe when I denied her allegations.

MUB, I got tired of trying to use words, so I used action. I got tired of saying I wasn’t guilty so I proved it. I gave her access to all social media, bought her things that I knew she wanted, and every chance I got, I’d either text her or go over by her, so she knew that I wasn’t with another woman.However, despite all of that, she cheated on me twice because she thought that the word’s of her friends held more weight than how I was trying to express myself to her. And you know what MUB, my stupid ass went back to get the second time? And guess what she did after? Yes, that’s right, knuckled me a third time. And yeah, I know some people a read this and a say “A wa kinda man clown dis ya”. Honestly, I might have been young and dumb, but I accepted the fact that elationships comes with ups and downs so I tried my best to forgive her and make up with her. I know some women who would do the same for guys, and I was really in love with that girl so I made the commitment. But the third time she knuckled me, I drew the line because her friends in blue were a pack of gossipers who like to run their mouths? I wonder when women gonna realize that not every advice ya friend and them give you always true.

MUB, that was the past when women living in this country had likkle decency… not like now!! My last girlfriend, who I treated even better like a queen, surely didn’t have any sort of remorse. Close to one year into the relationship, this gyal find one man, who apparently more flirtatious and have better lyrics, but she never knew that the guy and I were friends. So, one day, I saw the youth a post pictures of my girl, so I asked him if they were best friends ( Probably the most dunce question but I’m not the type of guy to be insecure about everything.) After I found out that they were dating for a month, I confronted her. I told her like this, “me na deywit you when you have one next man, so is either you make one choice or I ghost.” Can you believe this gyal go and cut she self? And then have the audacity to say that I’m putting her in a position to choose, which a put pressure pan she!? Somebody tell me how that sounds sane! Me just tell she fu go ahead with she other man, and then block and delete she from my phone.

MUB, I have countless other relationship tragedies me can talk about most of them end with some kinda knuckle. I know people na like reading, so I’m gonna end this story with some closing remarks. Back then, men used to drag women through the mud, but now, women have become worse than us. Me, personally, I don’t encourage anybody, man or woman, to exploit the opposite sex. Women, I know that some man a dog, but not all of us are. Some actually wanna settle down and make you happy. Manipulating guys for sex is not the best way of retaliation. Before you jump into a relationship, take time to know a guy and his intentions, without listening to what other people have to say about him especially y’all gossipers in blue.