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A while back you published a story about a woman who got pregnant for her neighbor. When I read the story, I had to laugh because I knew right away a fu mi wife the story min bout!

Funny things about life are people chat plenty and hidden cameras reveal a lot once used properly! Me na fooly! Due to my profession, I am able to pick up on sudden changes in behavioural patterns. My wife’s sudden change in pattern such as; locking her phone; in fact, she suddenly became one with the phone! We stopped have sex as often and many other things aroused my suspicion.

I work at night and for long hours so I am not always around to see what’s up at home. After I became suspicious of her behaviour, I installed hidden cameras inside our house without her Knowledge. Look… literally TWO DAYS after I installed the cameras the mice took the bait and I saw all what I needed to see.

I made sure to keep quiet and act like I knew nothing. Inside I was angry but I kept my cool. Now my wife does not know I have fertility issues and due to my medical condition, I am unable to have children. I noticed that she was no longer seeing her period and her stomach is growing larger. At the time, I thought it was due to the fact that she started eating a lot but now I know better.

The next thing is neither my Wife nor our neighbor seemed to remember that people living in our area are VERY nosey! They have been observing their  movements and as a result, gossip played a part in arousing my suspicions which motivated me to take action. I could have confronted them back then but I decided to play it cool and gather my evidence!

I was not going to bring a knife to a gun fight and end up in a “he said, she said debate.” My next course of action is to catch them red handed! I plan to pretend that I am leaving for work, I am going to monitor my cameras remotely until I see movements then I am going to quietly head back home and catch them in the act with my cellphone recording the encounter as well.

By the time this story is published all this would have already taken place! I will keep you updated. This a one Jack who nar wear NO Jacket!