Dear MUB,

My worthless husband is quick to jump up and make me look like a wicked mother and some common whore but he na tell you how much time I’ve spoken to him about being boring in bed. I can count on my fingers the number of times he has made my eyes rollover. If it wasn’t for my toys, I would have cheated on his ass long time. Pan tap the fact that he boring, he tool likkle. MUB, I went as far as buying on of them bud extension subben off of amazon to help him out and he never use um. All now ma sure it still under the bathroom sink so he should take some of the blame for me stepping out. Wa he wa me do tap and be unsatisfied for the rest of my life?

He catch me with one man and making people believe that me a the worst woman in the world. Talking about is long time he suspected I was stepping out. MUB, that was the first time and it wasn’t even planned. I was very horny that day. I was actually in the living room using my toy and the guy walked in on me. I saw an opportunity to get some satisfaction after all these years so I took it. These things happen.

My husband claim say he forgive me but he run go paint me as some witch to his whole family. We tried to work it out but every day he comes home and remind me of what I did and just keep accusing me of cheating. I had enough and told him to move out. That’s when he separated the house.

MUB, I haven’t been sleeping with a different man every night. I have four male friends who I use in rotation. Since we got separated, I’ve been craving sex very often. I’m trying to get it under control but it’s not easy. My husband just bex cause he still begs me for sex and I’m not giving him.

I not trying to run him from the house. I’m just trying to satisfy myself. However, I deserve the house because it is on my land and it can’t move so if anyone suppose to get, it is me. Plus after all them unsatisfying years it’s the least he can do.

I told him to let our child stay with my mother and he na listen so I don’t know why he trying to make me look like some wicked mother. I don’t work so I have to do what I can to survive. These men support me sexually as well as financially. He tap give me money long time so how am I suppose to eat? I never finish school and I’m not from here. MUB, wa me must do suffer?

I’m not proud of it but fair exchange isn’t any robbery. If he has a problem with the way I choose to live my life, all he has to do is move the hell out! That’s all I have to say.