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Dear MUB,

He lie! He damn lie! Look, me cyan believe wa me really just read! Look, man really bad and dangerous but my so-called husband tek de damn cake! I’ll admit I was wrong for what I did but It was for good reason and I have No regrets!

Me so bex right that I can barely type wa me really want fi say. He well a send in story and a act like he name victim and some big investigator like he name Sherlock Holmes all of a sudden! Whilst he there twisting things to favour himself just to mek me look bad, wa mek he never share the part where I found out about his co worker that he had well bend up in our car at nights when he was supposed to a do people work?

Wa mek he never mention how much time me find condom in our car, hidden in drawers and his wallet? Wa mek he na tell ar you bout the gal from the States that he breed off and a send money to straight? He nar tell ya’ll bout the times that I have found drawz I knew weren’t mine stashed away inside the closet! Yet he a talk bout he has fertility problem… HE DAMN LIE!

I found out everything! He is nothing but a blasted notorious liar and a CHEAT! And a so he wutless, this man does nothing around the house, all he wan do a sleep and watch tv inna he big r#$s! Yes I did sleep with my neighbor and I was wrong but at the end of the day, I did what I had to do because I was fed up of the shit this man putting me through and that’s why me also stop give him my wife!

MUB, I spoke to this man many times. I have endured public humiliation and abuse! The last straw was when I found out that he had another girl pregnant, a blasted little 19 year old at that! She found out he was married and she got in contact with me after he tried cutting her off when he found out about her pregnancy.

For years I’ve been telling this man I need a child and yet he’s out there a run round making an ass of me! Well NO MORE! Me sick and fed up of the BS! The only reason he sent in story was because I did not hide the fact that I was knuckling his tail part and he couldn’t handle it. I knew he installed cameras inside the house but me never give a shit! Me mek sure me put um on proper pon the neighbor so he could see wa really a gwan!

The so-called confrontation never happened because he so damn shame that he could not do anything. His a$$ talking about divorce? Well I hope he ready to battle it out in court because a nar he one been dey a collecting evidence.

The next thing is, I am not 100% sure that the child belongs to my neighbor, as smart as my husband thinks he is, maybe he should take a look at who he calls his friend’s because them same “friends” a mek sure ya wife satisfied whilst you out dey a run round a form fool.

As the saying goes “Goat inna ya Garden”! I put up with so much foolishness and embarrassment from this man and I stuck around because I loved him, but eventually my mind turned from him and I did what I had to do. I know when he see this he gonna send in more crap but me just a wait like one loaded gun! I recently moved out because I do not even want to see his face.

If he feel he name King Kong, let him send in more story because sweetie I will air out all your dirty laundry for the world to see since you wanna act like the victim here. Don’t hate the player hunny, hate the game!