Dear MUB,

I am sick and fed up with my wife. We are currently in the process of getting a divorce but from ever since I decided that I want nothing else to do with her, she has been making my life a living hell and her actions clearly show that she doesn’t care about our child.

MUB, let me make it clear that she is the one who messed up our marriage. I was at work one day and one of my neighbors who got suspicious about a particular vehicle that came to my house shortly after I left twice in one week, called me and told me that an unknown man has entered my house for the second time. MUB, I came home and found her having sex on our bed with no protection. Not only was he younger than her, but he was also a family friend.

Can you believe that after the fact that she was the one who was caught cheating, she wanted me to give her the house? She said I’m the man so I must find a place to rent? MUB, she didn’t spend a dollar in the construction of the house and I’m the one that’s paying back the bank for it. The problem is, the house is on her land. MUB, she’s the mother of my child and I’m not an evil man so to settle the matter, I separated the house by blocking off the stairway and giving her upstairs to live.

You know that wasn’t enough for her. This woman has been doing all manner of evil so I can leave the house for her. I am not exaggerating here. From the beginning of March, she has been having sex with a different man every night and she does it like clockwork. She know what time I get home, so she will have them out on the balcony waiting so I can see them and as soon as I go into the house, she goes in and start one bag of fake noise. MUB, ma na go lie, them man directly stupid because plenty mosquito out where I live so I know the mosquito does be murdering them. I don’t how they let her have them like some fool outside waiting until I come home just so I can see who it is.

MUB, I try my best not to study this woman but she purposely screams a lot and she would  always shout out, “you f##k me better than my worthless husband.” It hurts me because I love my wife but what really bothers me the most is the fact that she doesn’t even care that our 11-year-old child can hear her. Sometimes I have to take her out of the house. I had to buy her one of those expensive headphones so she can listen to music whenever her mother is doing her nastiness.

I don’t know what she gets from sleeping with a different man every night. I don’t know where she’s getting them from and I don’t know what’s her end game. I’m just sick and tired of the disrespect and the fact that she has no regard for our child.