A man reported what he considered to be the most heart-breaking experience in his life.

According to the man, earlier up in the week, his girlfriend gave him early notice about a staff party her coworkers were having on the 7th October 2018.  Little did he know she was actually telling him the date on which she was going to knuckle him. “To tell the truth, I found it really strange that she was actually interested in attending a staff party. She’s been working there for the past 6 years and not once has she ever gone to any of their staff party. She’s always complaining how her coworkers dangerous,” he said.

The man reported that on the day of the staff party, while he was at work, a friend of his messaged him asking if he knew where his woman was. “he told me that he thinks he saw her vehicle parked up under a tree near a beach on the dirt road that can also take you to Fryes beach.” He said that his friend told him that he wasn’t 100% sure; he only glimpsed the vehicle when he was passing. “This was after 7:00 pm.”

The man reported that he immediately took out his phone and called his girlfriend. “I called her over 40 times. Her phone just kept going to voicemail. It was at that point that I left work and went straight to the location,” said the man.

“When I pulled up and saw her vehicle parked in the dark, my heart jumped out of my chest. There was no way that a staff party was going on,” he said. The man explained that he pulled up a few distances away from the spot and sneaked his way up to her car. “The car was lock and she was nowhere around. Something tell me to go check around the bend”. The man reported that when he looked around the bend, he saw his woman and her supervisor “arms in arms” in the water.

He said that he got so angry that he rushed into the water after them. “Yo ma bang he see. Is only because I thought about my little daughter why I didn’t drown the two of them.”

“You can believe that after I caught her red-handed, she had the nerve to tell me that they were only keeping each other warm when I felt this man tool poking me in my side when I was fighting with him. She nasty ass didn’t even use protection,” he said.

According to the man, he has ended his 4 years relationship with his woman and will be reporting the supervisor to his superiors when he gets his day off during this week.

MUB sympathized with the man for experiencing such a heart-breaking sight first hand. However, he was greatly commended for showing admirable restraint so that his daughter wouldn’t have to grow up without a father. A situation like that could have easily gone sideways.

MUB encourages those of you who are currently in a relationship to think long and hard before you decided to knuckle your partner. Antigua is very small and the chances of your story ending up in MUB headlines is 8/10. Also, please be reminded that Knuckling Season is over and those of you who are still engaged in such activities are in violation of the social law of the land.