Woman Claims to be Half Bisexual

County: Dominica

Dear MUB,

I really don’t understand why my man is behaving the way he is. It’s been more than 2 weeks since he walked out and I can’t seem to get in contact with him. No one seems to know where he went and Dominica is a big island so he could be anywhere. I can understand that he is somewhat upset but I don’t understand what is taking him so long to come back home. He knows I don’t work and I’ve spent my last $50.00 yesterday.

Mr. MUB, I’m half bisexual and I’m sorry that he found out the way he did. I never thought that it was a priority for me to let him know because I never thought that a man would have a problem if his woman is involved with other women. The reason why I said that I’m half bisexual is that I have no feelings whatsoever for any woman but ever so often, I would get a strong urge to get on wild and dirty with a woman. I’ve been having these urges from since I was 17 years old and unless I get a woman finger or tongue inside me, it won’t go away. I’ll literally turn into a miserable bitch and everything will begin to bother me. I kinda cool off when I got serious with my man but it was beginning to affect how I treated him so I did what was best for the relationship and started sleeping with women again.

A few weeks ago, the urge hit me really hard so I tried having plenty sex with my man to try and counter it. I even got a little sore but the feeling just would not go away. I ended up calling my girlfriend and made plans for her to come over the day my man was supposed to go out. MUB, that girl knows how to use her tongue. She had me wetting up the place in no time.

While her tongue was deep down inside me, my man walked in and caught us. I wasn’t expecting him to come back so early but his belly was hurting him so he came back home unannounced. He stood up there speechless. I didn’t know what to say so I went down on my knees and started unbuckling his pants with the intentions of making him join in.

All I felt was on hard slap in my face. I swear the man knocked out a couple of my teeth. He then grabbed me by my neck and started to choke me. I believe if my girlfriend didn’t jump in and bite him in his back, he would have killed me. When she bite him, he turned on her and started to hit her. I had to hit him in his head with a perfume which sparked off one big brawl between the three of us.

MUB, he big up so he gave us some good licks. The man kicked me all inna my vagina. I guess when he was satisfied with the beating he gave us, he took up some of his things and left the house. He didn’t say a word to me.

I’ve been trying to get in contact with him since then. He won’t answer my call and he keeps reading my messages and not replying. I can’t believe this man really upset because he walked in on me and a woman! MUB, I still love him and I am willing to apologize but he needs to hurry up and let me know what’s going on because I don’t work and I’m running out of food and money.