Dear MUB,

This is nothing to be laughed at I swear. One of my very close friends came over around 11ish shaking and bawling. Before I move on, I want to be clear that I got her permission to share this story.

Before she showed up at my house, she called me crying. She badly wanted to know if I was home. I told her yes but before I could ask her what happened, she hung up.

In about ten minutes, she showed up banging on my door, shaking as if her parts of her body were about to fall off. It took a while before she could calm down with the help of a back, neck and shoulder massage.

While I was rubbing her down, she kept  crying out, “why me… why me…. why me.” At that point, I’m not asking her anything, I’m waiting for whenever she’s ready to let it out.

Then she turned around and asked…(Let’s call him John doe)
How long me and John doe dey wid?

I looked up in the roof thinking coz me a wonder ah wah a gwarn.

She said, ” 12 🐱 claat years me and he together an me NEEEVAAAA (truth) cheat pan dis man. She made a few threats out of anger but I will not share what she said.

Me: 🤔Dread knuckle u?

She continued… “me get home extra early from work. I usually call him on my break but I said I’m going home so me nar Badda. I noticed a vehicle parked up in front of the house. I went inside and chu in deh kinda sound proof, he never hear the front door open. You know me walk fast nf go by the bedroom coz and the door was closed.
When me open it, nobody in there but the bed rample. I heard the shower…
When I open that door, I fainted for like 5 seconds it felt like.”

MUB, them time dey me anxious fu hear if a some coworker or neighbour he in dey with but then she said…

“My man of 12 f##king years min hab half a he body in da tub wid da other half out on his knees and a whole man deep inside him.😯😮 There wasn’t even a condom😷

Fast forward…

She went into her purse and gave me a card, when I opened it, It showed that  she is HIV+.

You know something…

I don’t have anything against gays but if you’re gay or bisexual you must let the person know so that they can have an option.

Y’all be wrecking ppls lives out there…
I’ve never ever seen my friend in this state and I really don’t love it.

Please stop this evil!