Worker Used Voting Hours For Personal Pleasure

A local business owner reported that she had to get down on one of her employees this week for abusing the four (4) hours the Prime Minister allocated for individuals to leave work to vote whether the CCJ should be the final court of appeal.

According to the business owner, around minutes to 1, one of her employees told her that she wanted to go and vote. “I was very shocked that she wanted to go an vote because a few days ago she was adamant that going to vote is a waste of time,” said the owner.

The owner said that a few minutes after she asked for permission to go vote a gray Alteeza came and picked her up. According to the employer, as soon as she left another employee came over and said, “ar lie that dey lie, ar man she gone tek.” The employee said that the young lady told her that “she na waste the four hours.”The owner said that although she was very disappointed by what her employee told her, there was nothing she could do. “I checked my watch and made sure I marked the time she left.”

“Her four(4) hours was up and she was not back in my store.” The owner said that she tried calling her to find out where she was but her phone kept going to voicemail. “A few minutes, she called back saying that since she was already on the road she was going to take her lunch hour. I asked her why didn’t she get her lunch one time. She told me that the line was very long and she just finished voting. I knew the lines weren’t that long so I called one of my friends who lived in the same area and asked her how the line looked. She said that it takes less than 10 minutes to cast a vote.”

The owner reported that the young lady took almost 5 1/2 hours. “As soon as she walked in she said that the restaurant took long to prepare her food. Although she had a plate a food in her hand it was obvious that she was lying. The first thing I noticed was the small trail of sand when she walked past me and the last time I checked they weren’t any polling station next to any beach. The second thing I noticed was the hickey marks she had on her neck which she tried to hide with her hair. The fact that she tried to hide it made it more obvious because she left with her hair in a bun and came back with it down on one side, but you know what really got me upset, the missing link on her finger!”

It wasn’t my place to ask her about the sand and the hickey, but she came in almost an hour and a half late. It was almost time to close the store and I wasn’t about to pay her for a full day after she decided to use Gaston time to satisfy herself,” said the owner.  “I asked her to show me her voting finger and she showed me the wrong finger. It was obvious that this girl never voted in her life and wanted to take me for a fool. When we told her that it was the wrong finger she insisted that is was the finger she used to vote. When asked what happened to the ink she said that she washed it off. Anyone who ever dipped their finger in voting ink knows that it can’t be washed off that easy,” said the owner.

That was when the owner told her to leave and informed her that she will not be paid for that day. The employer said that she left in a very rude manner. However, she said that later in the day, she sent her a message apologising for what she did. The owner said that she told her that she forgives her but she will still be deducting her pay.